Angel Val Music


Angel grew up listening to her mom sing in an 80s rock band. She has a strong background and  love for rock music and has grown to love country as well. Angel has taken her two favorite genre's and mixed them into a more rock country style.  Angel began playing guitar in Jr High where she found her passion for writing.

Angel began working with her friend and now manager and producer, Doug Olson in 2016 when they recorded her 1st album, Gravel Road, in Nashville with producer Buddy Hyatt.

Just released in 2019m Angel put out her rock country EP, Broken, featuring The Nashville musicians from her 1st album, such as Bret Mason. This EP is a more rock side of Angel. 

Whether you are looking for a solo acoustic show, duet, or full band, Angel Val delivers a great performance!

Angel puts her Mom at the top of her Influences..Growing up watching her Mom sing and perform has givin her the insperation and drive to continue the passion for music. She also credits Miranda Lambert and the Cranberries. Angel also uses personal experiances in life to influence her writing..Such as relationships and spending time with friends.